Drunk Paul Pierce Hilariously Leaves Kevin Garnett Fighting Getting Canceled During Their Live Stream Of Game 3


After retiring from the NBA in 2017, Paul Pierce has transitioned to the world of media and has made a new career out of running his mouth.

In 2021 however, Pierce was fired by ESPN, after sharing a wild party from his house with the world on Instagram live. There were drugs and a ton of strippers, and most people already saw the inevitable coming.

Since then, Pierce has continued to cameo plenty of basketball themed shows and podcasts. For Game 3, Pierce joined his former Boston teammate and good friend Kevin Garnett for their ‘Ticket & The Truth’  livestream watch-along. The problem? Pierce’s apparent drunken state.

No one on the show was able to concentrate on the game as the intoxicated Pierce soon stole the show, while Kevin Garnett was fighting to keep it all together.

While the two legends were supposed to talk about the live action of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Pierce nearly got in trouble again… and that is multiple times.

At one point, the Truth pointed to the woman sitting beside him and said,


“This is my girlfriend for the day. They got a website that you can hire girlfriends for the day. So I got a girlfriend.”


While it was mostly laughs, Garnett tried his best to keep his friend out of real trouble, but struggling to do so.


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