Bruce Brown Missed Flight After Nikola Jokic Drank Him Under The Table

Photo: Len Werle/OpenCourt Basketball


We all know that Nikola Jokic is seeing his NBA career as somewhat of a side quest, and that’s exactly what we love about him. For the Joker, basketball is a job, and nothing more. A job he doesn’t even like most of the time, if we believe the Finals MVP himself.

Yes, Nikola Jokic is a global Superstar. But as soon as his NBA season ends, you’ll find him back home in Sombor, Serbia working on his farm, his stables, his horses while enjoying food and a couple of alcoholic drinks with his friends and family.

The fame and the money hasn’t changed Jokic one bit. He’s exactly the same guy that left Sombor over a decade ago. While this definitely is something everyone loves, it can also get pretty dangerous for others… especially when trying to keep up with the big man on a night out.

Jokic’s former Nuggets teammate and fellow NBA champion Bruce Brown now revealed the story when exactly this happened to him. 

Brown explained how one night in Las Vegas with Jokic went a little too far, leading to Brown missing his flight the next morning by almost four hours as a result.


“Bro, he had me drinking some Serbian whisky — we were taking shots,” Brown told Pinson. “So, my goal all night was to get him drunk, right? And he just flipped the script…

We had a PJ the next morning at like 8. I woke up at 11:50…”

“He has a bigger body, and I wasn’t even thinking that. And we was taking shots of some Serbian whisky, and I was finished, bro. You can’t drink with them, bro.”


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