Youtube Star JiDion Banned From All NBA Related Events For ‘Sleeping At WNBA’ Game


Youtube star JiDion, who has crossed paths with the NBA in many of his videos, has now been banned from all NBA related events for sleeping at a WNBA game in addition to shooting a three pointer from out of bounds.

While his previous NBA pranks, like getting a fresh hair cut while sitting courtside, were received well by the league,



this time, people weren’t too fond of his prank. JiDion laid down on courtside seats (he paid for) and took a nap – blanket, pillow and pajamas included.

The prankster however was kicked out of that game, and subsequently banned from “all NBA-related events” by staff.



The internet personality’s videos are generally known for their humor and his ability to roast people in a funny way. He has gone viral for trolling celebritie, and has even been banned from Twitter for his antics.

Despite his controversial reputation, JiDion has a large and loyal following of fans who love his personality and his sense of humor, making him one of the most popular internet personalities in the world.

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