Ben Gordon Arrested For Threatening Juice Shop Worker With Knife

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports


After Ben Gordon hung up his sneakers he made headlines for getting arrested four times within one year. In 2017 Ben Gordon first was arrested, after freaking out at his apartment complex and pulling multiple fire alarms. A couple of months later came Ben Gordon’s 2nd arrest of the year. This time he had lost it completely and was hospitalized. He was sending threatening videos to people in the days before a violent standoff with a woman in his NYC gym.

Arrest number three was due to Gordon being pulled over with a forged license plate, before arrest number four on a felony robbery charge.

Since then, things had remained quiet around Gordon, until he was arrested at LaGuardia in October of 2022, for allegedly hitting his 10-year-old son. Gordon was waiting for his flight when police arrested him, and transported his son to a hospital for an evaluation. Two Port Authority officers sustained injuries during Gordon’s arrest.

Later that year, Gordon was arrested again, because he was accused of beating up two security guards at a McDonald’s in Chicago. Before he then was arrested again for allegedly stabbing people with knitting needles in Harlem, leading to yet another arrest for Gordon, who appears to be mentally ill.

Now, the former NBA star was arrested in Connecticut for allegedly threatening workers at a juice shop with a knife. Workers at Juice Kings in Stamford called police after Gordon was allegedly exhibiting bizarre behavior and wielding a knife, according to TMZ.


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