The And1 Mixtape Tour Is Making A Comeback This Summer


Basketball has always been a sport that captivates audiences with its electrifying dunks, jaw-dropping crossovers, and remarkable displays of skill. While professional leagues like the NBA showcase the talents of elite athletes, there exists a unique and mesmerizing world of streetball that takes the game to a whole new level. At the heart of this urban basketball phenomenon lies the And1 Mixtape Tour, a thrilling showcase of streetball prowess and entertainment. 

What set the And1 Mixtape Tour apart from mainstream basketball was the freedom it granted players to express their creativity on the court. The tour highlighted the flashy and inventive aspects of streetball, where players would unleash an array of ankle-breaking crossovers, thunderous dunks, and mesmerizing ball handling moves. Each event provided a platform for players to showcase their individual skills while entertaining the crowd with their unique playing styles and charismatic personalities.

The And1 Mixtape Tour served as a launching pad for numerous streetball players who later achieved widespread recognition. Legends like “Skip to My Lou” (Rafer Alston), “Hot Sauce” (Phillip Champion), and “The Professor” (Grayson Boucher) became household names, captivating audiences with their mind-boggling moves and dazzling displays. These players, among others, not only left indelible impressions on the court but also inspired a new generation of aspiring ballers who sought to emulate their style and mastery.

And there are some great news regarding And1… IT IS BACK!!!! AND1 Basketball just revealed that Open Runs RETURN July 9, 2023 in Philadelphia and July 23 in NYC. 


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