A Funny Little Detail Of Kwame Brown’s Arrest

Photo Credit: AP

A Funny Little Detail Of Kwame Brown’s Arrest


The burden of being a number one draft pick.

NBA fans often use Kwame Brown as an exaggerated example of the worst player, and biggest bust of all time. Yes, he has never played like a number one pick, although he was having a pretty decent career, better than most people think.

I don’t think he was the biggest bust in league’s history, but a bust nonetheless. You can now say that the bust got busted.

Last week, Kwame Brown was arrested and charged with felony possession of edible marijuana products and misdemeanor possession of weed.

Now to a funny little detail about the arrest.  Before Brown was able to be booked at the county jail, police had to call for support. Not because Kwame was acting up or resisting, but to ask for a larger police car, as the standard police car would not fit him.

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