Everything You Need To Know About Draymond Green’s Indefinite Suspension


Last night, the NBA announced that Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has been suspended indefinitely for punching Jusuf Nurkic in the face, in the previous night’s game against the Phoenix Suns. Green was ejected for the 18th time in his career, most among active NBA players.

Since this came just a couple of weeks after Green serving a five-game suspension for a headlock on Rudy Gobert, the NBA announced the penalty handed down by operations chief Joe Dumars and said the suspension begins immediately. It’s already Green’s second suspension this season. A statement by the NBA revealed that Green needs to fulfill some terms and requirements, before he’ll get reinstated.


“He will be required to meet certain league and team conditions before he returns to play,”



This most likely is the right punishment for Green, who simply does not seem to be able to stay out of trouble. This time, even his own teammates, friends and former teammates were in shock of his actions.

Kevin Durant for example said that this was something he’s never seen before:


“I hope he gets the help he needs. That was insane to see. Glad Nurk is alright. Never seen that on the basketball court in an NBA game.”



NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski shared some interesting insights about the league’s reasoning behind Green’s indefinite suspension. Joining Sports Center on ESPN, Wojnarowski revealed that Green likely agreed to the suspension and its terms beforehand.



So what’s next for the four-time Champion? Green is expected to meet with Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr, and his agent Rich Paul today, to start discussing a path of counseling and help to move forward. According to Wojnarowski the league didn’t want to put a specific number on the suspension, but allow Green to take the time he might need.

In the meantime, Green will be allowed to continue practicing with team while serving his suspension.

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