Fan Breaks Into Stephen Curry’s Home To Get An Autograph


Fans can really go to extreme lengths, whether it’s because they’re huge fans or not too fond of certain teams or stars. This is exactly what happened in a recent incident involving Golden State Warrior superstar Stephen Curry.

In an unusual occurrence, a fan took a daring step by getting into Curry’s Atherton home. The fan managed to sneak in, first by walking onto the property once the gate opened, and then by proceeding to the house upon finding the front door unlocked.

Curry wasn’t home at the time, but his family’s nanny and three kids were. The fan explained to the nanny that he was there to ask for Curry’s autograph. He left as soon as the nanny asked him to leave, but he was later found and arrested by the police on a road close by.

The fan was later identified as Sheng Gao, an 18-year-old resident of Cupertino and an international exchange student. A judge in San Mateo County, California, has issued a bench warrant for him.

Per Bleacher Report:


“Someone had told him a famous basketball player lived on this street and someone told him, ‘That’s Steph Curry’s residence over there,'” San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe said. “He’s just a curious person. This just shows, again, Curry’s worldwide fame — he’s got an exchange student walking into his home.”


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