13 Years Ago Former NBA Star Lorenzen Wright Was Brutally Murdered


A 911 call in Germantown, a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, in July 2010:


“Hey, Goddamn!” “Germantown 911, what’s the emergency? Hello? Hello? Hello? I don’t have nothing but gunshots,“



These were the final moments in the life of former NBA star, Lorenzen Wright. 10 days later, Wright had been reported missing by his mother, K9s were able to find the weather-worn corpse of Wright, that had already been decomposed by animals to a such extent that the body of the 230 pound big man had dwindled to just 57 pounds. That was 13 years ago today.

At least nine shots were fired at the 13-year NBA veteran. Shots pierced Wright’s head and chest—and the autopsy report stated that ‘additional gunshot wounds could not be excluded’.

It took nine long years to get justice for the gruesome murder.

In 2019, the ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, Sherra Wright, pleaded guilty to facilitation of first-degree murder, and to facilitation of a criminal attempt to commit first degree murder.

Per The Guardian:


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