Will Ben Simmons Become The Newest Victim Of The ‘Kardashian Curse’?

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Will Ben Simmons Become The Newest Victim Of The ‘Kardashian Curse’?


The series against the Boston Celtics, was the hardest time in Ben Simmons’ young, yet amazing, NBA career. He struggled with his shot (even more than in the regular season), and wasn’t able to bring his a-game onto the court.

But nontheless, Ben Simmons’ rookie season has been one of the best rookie seasons in recent history. Everyone who was watching him plays knows that he could develop into a generational type of star. He’s got all the assets one needs to become an absolute superstar in this league, besides a decent jumpshot. But to become one of the best, you have to stay out of trouble first… and not get cursed.

This could be already too late though, as Simmons is rumored to be dating Kendall Jenner.

Via Ian Mohr and Mara Siegler of Page Six:


An insider familiar with the duo said the romance has been going on “for a few weeks.”

Another source told us the pair was spotted this week on a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And a third source said that Jenner, 22, and Simmons, 21, were seen last week in Manhattan with a group of friends at the clubby Bowery restaurant Vandal.


Will Simmons now become the next victim of the Kardashian Curse? The ‘Kardashian curse’, is a ‘hex’ on any man willing to get romantic with any of the sisters. It may sound stupid, but the curse could be a thing:

Lamar Odom: On October 13, 2015, while being married to Khloe Kardashian, Odom was hospitalized and placed into an induced coma for more than two weeks after he was found unconscious, due to alcohol and drug abuse, at a legal brothel in Nevada. Odom also suffered kidney failure and 12 strokes and two heart-attacks during the incident.

James Harden: After his relationship with Khloe, Harden told Sports Illustrated that it was the ‘worst’ year of his life. “I feel like it was for no reason. I wasn’t getting anything out of it except my name out there and my face out there, and I don’t need that. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t me.” He also struggled heavily at the start of the season.

Jordan Crawford: He was linked to Kendall, just when his rise to possible NBA staredom took has massive hit. He hasn’t recovered ever since.

Odell Beckham:  Has had a rough start to 2016, after being linked to Khloe.

Tristan Thompson: Has been performing poorly ever since getting married to Khloe Kardashian.

Rashad McCants: He dated Khloe for about six months in 2008 and officially broke up, shortly before McCants was traded to the Kings, which also marked the end of his NBA career.

Matt Kemp: Two years after he was the MVP runner-up, him and Khloe dated; he’s never been the same ever since.

Kris Humphries: He was married to Kim for 72 days in 2001 and his promising NBA career turned into mediocrity.

Kanye West: Don’t think I need to go into detail there…

Then there also were Scott Disick, Reggie Bush and Miles Austin.


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