When The NBA Held Epic Mascot Dunk Contests During All-Star Weekend

Photo Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


Tonight, during All-Star Saturday, the 2023 NBA Slam Dunk contest will be held. But did you know that during NBA All-Star Weekends in the 1990s, the NBA held mascot slam dunk contests?!

I certainly forgot all about it, but after watching the video, I want the NBA to bring it back.

On February 20, 1993, at the same venue as today, the then Delta Center in Salt Lake City,  Boomer (Indiana Pacers), Crunch (Minnesota Timberwolves), Gorilla (Phoenix Suns), and Hugo the Hornet (Charlotte Hornets) battled for mascot slam dunk supremacy.

Hugo reigned supreme and took home the W – it was his third consecutive win.


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