Zach Lowe On Clippers Players Lobbying For Russell Westbrook To Join Their Team: “Might Be Sabotaging Their Own Team”

Photo by David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images


The Los Angeles Clippers have revamped their backcourt this past NBA trade deadline, unloading their two point guards in Reggie Jackson and John Wall while adding the likes of Bones Hyland and Eric Gordon to the equation.

However, the Clippers may not be done yet and could make a final move as they survey the buyout market. One notable name that has emerged for the Clippers is former Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook.

As reported, the Clippers have begun talks with Westbrook over the possibility of a deal if he gets bought out by the Utah Jazz. Multiple Clippers players such as Paul George, Marcus Morris and Nicolas Batum have made it no secret that they also want Westbrook to join the team.

As Clippers players take more of an active role in bringing in the 30-year old former MVP, NBA analyst Zach Lowe thinks that they might be sabotaging their own team.

Per The Lowe Post:


“One of the more hilarious subplots of the last part of the season is the Clippers players going on an all-out lobbying campaign for them to sign Russ, maybe not understanding that they might be sabotaging their own team,” Lowe said on his podcast. “I don’t think their front office wants anything to do with it either. So, that’s kinda fun.”


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