Dirk Nowitzki’s Last Big Milestone



Dirk Nowitzki’s Last Big Milestone


No-one in the world, not even the greatest optimist, would have predicted the career Dirk Nowitzki had, pardon me, is (still) having.

A kid from Würzburg, Germany who struggled big time in his first year in the NBA, matured and turned out to be one of the best players in NBA history.

Have a quick look at his list of achievements:

  • NBA Champion
  • NBA Finals MVP
  • 13x NBA All Star
  • 12 All-NBA Teams
  • 50-40-90 Club Member
  • NBA 3-Point Shootout Champion
  • Dallas Mavericks All Time Leading Scorer
  • FIBA World Cup MVP
  • FIBA EuroBasket MVP


His career stats:

dirkstat2edited(via wikipedia)


Today, he is 7th on the NBA All Time Scoring List,  with 28.567 points. Only 29 points behind Shaquille O’Neal, who has 28.596 points. The Mavs are playing in Toronto tonight and in Brooklyn tomorrow and it’s a safe bet, that on one of those nights, Nowitzki will pass O’Neal for 6th on the All Time Scoring List. What a legend.

Considering his age and the Mavs’ team not really being contenders, this could be his last big milestone in his career. To this day, I still think he is underrated, I mean he invented and developped a move that is impossible to guard. Kudos Dirk. Ich sage erst dann Glückwunsch, wenn es soweit ist.


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