12.12.1986 – Lakers@Celtics



12.12.1986 – Lakers@Celtics: Bird, McHale & Parish vs Magic, Worthy & Jabbar


What a game from early stages of the 86/87 regular season in the middle of Celtics-Lakers rivarly.

The Celtics won 48 straight games in the Garden, but on that night, the streak was over. The Lakers became the first visiting team to win in the Garden since Portland’s 121:103 victory over the Celtics on Dec. 6, 1985.

Abdul-Jabbar scored 14 of his 26 points in the 4th quarter as the Lakers ended 48-game Boston Garden winning streak. Magic scored 31 and Worthy added 25 points.

Bird was on fire with 26 points on 11/13 from the field, McHale had 22 and 11, DJ was great with 21 points and 14 assists and Parish added 23 points.

Lakers won it 117:110.


LEGENDS! Incredible watch:


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