How Tim Duncan Has Become Father Time



How Tim Duncan Has Become Father Time

Tim Duncan heard that father time was undefeated, so instead of trying to fight it, Tim has decided to become the living embodiment.

Timmy D is the absolute model of consistency. Since he entered the league under the mentorship of David Robinson, the guidance of Gregg Popovich and the stability of the Spurs organisation, Duncan has gone from strength to strength, year after year, season after season. He continues to be productive and effective, even despite fighting the hands of time.

At the ripe old age of 37, superstars usually have slowed down long ago, becoming a shadow of their former selves, or more commonly, have retired from the game with the NBA a happy but distant memory. Not for Tim though. Duncan is what seems like an ageless superstar, never really losing his value or unwavering worth within the Spurs set up. Even at this very moment, Tim Gongfu Tea Cup just as effective and important as he was when he first graced the NBA Hardwood. It’s mind blowing if you really think about the clip and level Duncan is still playing at night in and night out.
The Spurs organisation has set an example to the league by arguably managing superstars as they age the best way we’ve ever seen. This has allowed Tim Duncan to age gracefully and with ease. Yes Duncan has been fortunate to have been drafted into a brilliant, stable and winning organisation, however, the Spurs are just as fortunate to have had the services of the greatest power forward to ever play this game.

After making the Playoffs in each of his 18 seasons, Timmy will again be in the thick of a deep post season run as the San Antonio Spurs have bolstered their roster with talent, adding LaMarcus Aldridge and David West. With a career already yielding 5 championship rings, he definitely has a chance to improve on that, as the Spurs look like a dangerous team again, impressively starting 24-5. They’ve gone about it quietly, as they are masters of not attracting the media spotlight and the Golden State Warriors unbelievable start to the season has only helped their cause. This has boded well for the Spurs as they prefer to fly under the radar until Playoff time. As good as the Warriors have started, they should be fearful of the Spurs, because if you face them, it’s likely you’ll need 7 games to beat them.

After some initial concerns the new piece of LaMarcus Aldridge might not fit, the Spurs and Duncan are slowly making it more comfortable for him and along with Kawhi Leonard continuing to improve and play at the highest level he ever has, Duncan has this Spurs team right where he wants and envisioned them to be, championship contenders yet again.
We hear it every year; “The Spurs and Duncan are too old” and every year they continue to prove everyone wrong. It’s almost come to the point where I think they enjoy being called old, and then continue to dominate a league filled with young talent.

Duncan is averaging 9.1 PPG, 3 APG, 8 RPG, 0.8 SPG and 1.4 BPG this season, nearly a double-double in reduced minutes. Even though Duncan is unable to put up the impressive he numbers he did when he was younger, these numbers are still astonishing because he still remains as consistent as he has been throughout his career. During the ages of 21-25 Tim averaged 20.9 PPG & 11.2 RPG, between the ages of 26-30 he averaged 21.0 PPG & 11.7 RPG, between the ages of 31-35 19.8 PPG & 11.6 RPG and between the ages of 36-38 he averaged 19.0 & 11.8 RPG, truly a model of consistency.

It’s crazy that a player can be that productive and effective for his entire career whilst playing in the best basketball league in the world. As Tony Parker and Manu Ginobilli struggled last season with form and health, it was again the timeless Tim Duncan who was the Spurs best player outright on a team that had the Defensive Player of the Year on it in Kawhi Leonard. This is just another testament to the greatness of the Spurs icon.

There is nothing flashy about Tim Duncan, on the court or off it. He will rarely have a highlight play that will make it on the ESPN Sportcenter top 10 at the end of the night, or do anything that will get you off your couch prompting to rub your eyes in disbelief, but what he is, is the most fundamentally sound superstar that has ever graced the NBA. He should be an example to all young and aspiring basketball players. Perfecting the fundamentals, not getting into trouble outside of the court and letting your game and consistency do all the talking.
Tim looks as fresh, focused, determined and effective as ever. He’s still as valuable and important to the Spurs organisation as he ever has before.

The big fundamental will continue to be the definition of longevity and it may well and truly result in something he is quite used to, lifting the Larry O’Brien trophy above his head once again.
Father time will remain undefeated because Tim Duncan has transformed himself into it.

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