Western Conference Executive Says LeBron James Wouldn’t Be Untouchable In Victor Wembanyama Trade

Photo Credit: David Becker/NBAE via Getty Images

Western Conference Executive Says LeBron James Wouldn’t Be Untouchable In Victor Wembanyama Trade


Victor Wembanyama has been considered the best basketball prospect on earth for some years now, while continuing to turn heads among scouts and journalists.

Wembanyama, who is the early favorite to go first off the draft board in next year’s NBA draft, has an utterly impressive skillset for someone his age and size especially.

The young Frenchman is listed at 7’2, with a 7’9 wingspan, which even feels very conservative. He is quick, can pass, shoot the three and has handles – the full package. His combination of size, length, athleticism and skill puts him in a class that arguably no other NBA prospect has approached since LeBron James, making him the most hyped prospect since.

And  Victor can back it up. After the young big man amazed the masses in Europe, Americans got a taste of what’s to come. Earlier this month, Wembanyama had an epic performance against the G-League Ignite, finishing with 37 points along with 7 3-pointers and 5 blocks, he then led his Metro 92 once again and scored 36 points with 11 rebounds and four blocks in the second game against the ignite.

Many people expect a tanking race for the ages in this NBA season, to just have a mere chance at what could easily turn out one of the best players ever, and judging by his last two games against the Ignite, who can blame them.

The Athletic’s David Aldridge asked some people around the NBA to list the players they wouldn’t be willing to trade for Wembanyama. Turns out that not even LeBron James made the list of a Western Conference executive.


“Who wouldn’t I trade?” the executive began. “You have Durant. You have Giannis. I can’t put (James) in that conversation, just because of his age. Curry. Jokić. And Embiid. I would say organizationally, you have to have that conversation. I’m not saying I would do it. But I think those five push that question.”


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