NBA To Experiment With Challenge Flag

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Stephen Lam

NBA To Experiment With Challenge Flag


The referees are in focus more than ever this season. First the ‘fight gone public’ with NBA players, now some questionable calls in the first two games of the Finals.

According to some reports, the NBA may be trying out a significant new rule during this year’s summer league. Apparently, executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Kiki VanDeWeghe, said the NBA is going to experiment with the use of challenge flags. VanDeWeghe confirmed the challenges would make its debut during the summer, with the possibility of being inserting it into the regular season.



I’m not a big fan of it. Game flow and pace is key to a great basketball game, something we could lose with challenge flags. But, if dosed correctly, it could also end up being a great implementation to make the game fairer.

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