The Washington Wizards Are Hypocrites

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards Are Hypocrites


Sunday night’s game between the Washington Wizards and the Golden State Warriors didn’t end on good terms.

With the Warriors up 137 to 115 and only 7 seconds left on the clock in the 4th, JaVale McGee attempted a three point shot. Brandon Jennigs hated McGee’s showboating attempt and pushed him.



After the game Jennings said:


“It was very disrespectful. Let the clock run out. It was already disrespectful that they were trying to get Draymond Green a triple-double, Steph was out there with 40. I’m old-school. He better be glad he shot that three and didn’t go to the rack.”


JaVale McGee went on to thank Brandon Jennigs for the foul saying:


“I’m glad he pushed me to tell you the truth. Like say he didn’t push me, right? I would have air-balled it and it would have looked horrible. See what I’m saying? So, shout out to Brandon Jennings.”



Wizards point guard John Wall and shooting guard Bradley Beal also weren’t too happy about McGee’s three point attempt, saying:


“Whenever a team is up like that, supposedly, you just hold the ball and take a shot clock violation. That’s like a basketball rule — you don’t shoot the ball period. You take a turnover if anything. Especially you are up 20, or however much you’re up. To me, you’re not respecting the game. You are just joking around shooting.”


Not respecting the game? Funny you say that. It’s totally hypocritical. Washington leads the league in late 3s at the end of blowouts. The Washington Wizards have already done it three times this season. There even is video proof!



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