The Miami Heat Are Barely A Playoff Team Right Now, According To Chris Mannix Of Sports Illustrated


It’s evident that the Miami Heat are aiming to acquire Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers to boost their roster. But until that actually happens, the Heat’s prospects for the next season remain in a cloudy state.

The Heat have consistently defied critics by making it to the NBA Finals twice in recent years. However, next season could end up more challenging for them due to the loss of crucial playoff contributors like Max Strus and Gabe Vincent.

Given their current look, it’s understandable for both fans and experts to be skeptical of the Heat’s potential. In line with this, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix expects the Heat to decline and find themselves on the fringe of playoff contention this upcoming season unless Lillard joins the team.

Per Sports Illustrated:


“You do have to start wondering how much pressure Miami is starting to feel,” Mannix said. “Because look, let’s just say the Heat do nothing else and go into the season with the roster they have. Are they even a playoff team? I mean, they got in last year through the play-in, by the skin of their teeth. To their credit, [they] stream-rolled into the Finals. But they lost their starting backcourt, two key guys.”

“I look at this Miami Heat team,” Mannix continued. “I understand Heat Culture is great, Erik Spoelstra, best coach in the NBA, Jimmy Butler, clutch as they get. In an 82-game season, I’d probably have them penciled in at 10th in the Eastern Conference right now.”


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