Brett Brown Threatened To Bench Ben Simmons If He Refuses To Shoot

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Brown Threatened To Bench Ben Simmons If He Refuses To Shoot


Ever since Ben Simmons has stepped foot in the NBA, his glaring weakness has been evident on the court. While the Philadelphia 76ers All-Star shows unique playmaking skills and defensive talent, his lack of range remains a big problem.

Aside from being a poor shooter, Simmons has also been hesitant to take long-range shots even when open, which only presents a bigger issue for him and the rest of the team. This act by Simmons was eventually confronted by coach Brett Brown who threatened to bench him if he remains unwilling to shoot the basketball.



“I told Ben, ‘If you aren’t willing to shoot, then do I just bench you? Because I can do that,'” Brown says. “We could have gone that route or continue to coach him as it relates to spacing. We worked on the ability to use it as a choice to shoot the 3, catch and go, get in the paint, or find someone else.

The 23-year old point guard however explains that he could shoot inefficiently now but he’d rather be comfortable at doing it on an efficient rate.  

“I know it’s going to come,” Simmons says. “It’s a matter of me being comfortable doing it. Some of that is getting the reps in. I can take a hook shot from the elbow, because I’ve done it so many times, I’m confident it will go in. It’s second nature.

“With 3s, it’s never been like that. I’ve got to make it a point of emphasis. I could be one of those guys shooting 30% right now. But I’d rather be one of those guys shooting 40%.”


Prior to the season, Simmons was seen shooting long-range shots and successfully making a lot of them. Eventually, earlier this season, he was able to drain the two first three-pointers of his career. 

Despite his struggles, it seems like the All-Star point guard is making some baby steps when it comes to expanding his range. This progress could untap a bigger potential in his game if everything goes well.

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