The Best NBA Rumors We’ve Heard This Season 

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The Best NBA Rumors We’ve Heard This Season 


With over 450 active players, 90 plus coaches, and assistant coaches, it is difficult to track what happens in every team and with every player. Some players attract a bit more attention than others for self-explanatory reasons. It’s the same way the Royal Panda promo code attracts plenty of attention compared to other sportsbooks. 

Rumors in the NBA are a living-breathing organism, and best believe that there’s no smoke without fire when it comes to these NBA rumors. 


Ime Udoka to the Brooklyn Nets

Even though the news of Udoka joining the Brooklyn Nets was quelled by the appointment of Jacque Vaughn, it remains one of the most jaw-dropping rumors in the NBA this season. 

The Celtics gave Udoka a one-year suspension for violating team policies. However, the Nets reportedly didn’t mind Udoka’s moral liberties and were still ready to have him manage their star-studded line-up post-Nash era. 

The news broke in the early days of November and sparked many political and moral debates, which might have been why the Nets decided not to take him on. But for a moment there, there was the possibility of a Championship coach managing a Championship squad. 


Kyrie Irving Trade Rumors 

It’s no news that the Brooklyn Nets have not lived up to the lineup standards they possess. What was believed to be a Championship team is stressed to win games. 

Kyrie Irving keeps appearing in the news for his dogged and stubborn approach to his personal life and its connection to the game. 

Well. he is in the news again, and as the trade deadline comes closer, it seems that Kyrie’s time in Brooklyn might end. The Nets have been reported to be open to letting the man who caused them a lot of trouble go. Kyrie is n doubt one of the greatest Guards ever to play the game, and many teams are interested in taking him on. 

The Hawks are currently high on that list, and the Lakers have been linked to him, which might not be the best mix considering all the point players they already have on their teams. 


The Warriors are set to let Kuminga and Wiseman go 

The Warriors have won only one away game this season and are currently 500. For a Championship team, that’s not acceptable. 

The Warriors’ major issues may lie in the squad’s depth (or lack thereof). After letting six players go after a Championship season, the Warriors have found themselves in a hole they can’t escape. 

The solution seems to be bringing in more bench players who can add value to the team. Kuminga is currently underperforming and needs to add his quota to the squad. For a player who struggled for time last season, it is safe to say that many fans expected him to do more with more game time. 

The Warriors’ starters have not dropped their level, but they need much more help from the bench. It is reported that the Warriors might let Kuminga and Wiseman go to bring in more offensive players to help them in their quest to retain the championship. 

The golden years of Steph, Klay, and Green are slowly passing away, and it would be in the Warriors’ best interest to do as much as possible now.


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