Taj Gibson Shares Story Of His New Jersey Number

Photo Credit: David Sherman / Getty Images

Taj Gibson Shares Story Of His New Jersey Number


This past offseason, veteran big man Taj Gibson signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves, to once again join forces with former Chicago teammate Jimmy Butler, as well as with young stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

Gibson had a great debut for the Wolves in their preseason opener this past weekend, but many fans noticed that something was different than usual – his jersey number.

After reppin’ #22 for his entire professional career, Gibson now is wearing #67.

There is a reason for the change and a story behind the new number. First of all, Andrew Wiggins has been wearing #22 ever since he played his first NBA game, which was the reason for Gibson to pick a different number. But why number 67? A number that has never been worn before, by any player in NBA history. The story! Gibson told ESPN, that his decision to use the number came after he spoke to kids from his hometown (Fort Green,Brooklyn). The kids wanted him to wear 67, to represent the neighborhood.


“Fort Greene,” Gibson said proudly after Tuesday’s practice. “Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Fort Greene projects, Brooklyn. That’s all you need to know. Everybody from my neighborhood knows what that means. That’s all that matters.”

“I asked a couple people in the neighborhood, and they asked me, ‘What number are you going to pick?’ And I asked them, ‘What number should I pick?’ They said, ’67!’ They said it with a smile on their face. I said, you know what? At first I was like, nah, but then I was like, if that’s what you want me to put, why not? It’s only a number, so why not? It represents my neighborhood, so why not?”


Now the kids are happy, and Gibson sort of made NBA history, as the first player wearing #67 on his jersey.


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