Vince Carter Forced T-Mac Into Dunk Contest



Vince Carter forced T-Mac into dunk contest


I bet you all remember the NBA Dunk Contest in 2000!

After a one-All Star Weekend layoff (the NBA did not have an All Star Weekend during the labor-shortened 1999 season), the NBA decided to bring the Slam Dunk Contest back for the 2000 All-Star Weekend in Oakland. It would prove to be one of the most electrifying dunk contests in the league’s history, featuring a great showdown between eventual winner Vince Carter of the Toronto Raptors, his cousin and then-teammate Tracy McGrady, and the Houston Rockets’ Steve Francis. Carter won after performing a number of very impressive dunks, including two reverse 360 windmills, a honey dip, and a between-the-legs dunk off a bounced alley-oop from McGrady.



What you didn’t know is that Vince Carter had to talk Tracy McGrady into participating in the contest. T-Mac initially didn’t want to compete, because “he knew, that he would lose to Vince”.


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