Steve Kerr Reacts To Officiating In Game 3 Of Warriors-Lakers: “We Didn’t Lose The Game Because Of The Officials”

Photo Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports


The Golden State Warriors fell to the Los Angeles Lakers 127-97 in Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals. The Warriors shot just 39.6% shooting from the field and 29.5% from beyond the arc, with 19 turnovers during the game. Despite their own shortcomings, the officiating ended up becoming the major story of Game 3.

In the loss, the Warriors produced just 12 out of 17 free throw attempts compared to the Lakers making 28 out of 37. The disparity in free throw attempts was massive, leading many to accuse the officials for favoring the Lakers.

However, despite the outrage from fans over the game’s officiating, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr doesn’t want to blame the officials for his team’s loss, making it clear that the loss wasn’t about anything other than the Warriors’ performance when speaking to reporters on Sunday.


“We didn’t lose the game because of the officials so there’s no point in whining about anything. There were definitely calls we didn’t like but every game every coach can say that. This is not about anything other than our performance.”


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