Steve Kerr Compares Stephen Curry To Tim Duncan: “Steph Is Why This Run Has Happened”

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Steve Kerr Compares Stephen Curry To Tim Duncan: “Steph Is Why This Run Has Happened”


Steve Kerr has had a picture perfect career so far. Not only has he won five championships as a role player, he’s also continued his success as a coach, winning four championships with the Golden State Warriors, looking to add a fourth one this year.

Most of all, Kerr knows a little something about NBA dynasties… mainly because he’s been part of three different ones.

Kerr won three of his rings as part of the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, two other rings as part of the Tim Duncan-led San Antonio Spurs, and as mentioned previously, and four rings as the head coach of the Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors.

After ring four was secured, Kerr praised Curry in his post-game press conference and compared him to Tim Duncan, naming him the key part in the Warriors’ championships.


“Steph reminds me so much of Tim Duncan. Obviously, very different players, but just from a humanity standpoint, a talent standpoint. Humility, confidence, it’s just a wonderful combination that makes everybody want to win for. I’m obviously thrilled for everyone in that room. With Steph, without him, none of this happens. That’s not taking away from the ownership, Bob Myers, our players, we’ve had so many great players. But Steph ultimately is why this run has happened, much like Timmy in San Antonio.”


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