Stephen Curry Reveals He Wants to Play Into His 40s Like Tom Brady

Photo Credit: Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

Stephen Curry Reveals He Wants to Play Into His 40s Like Tom Brady


Stephen Curry not only is a generational talent and one of the point guards to ever play, he’s also the best shooter in league history.

More so, Curry has changed and revolutionized the game, and the approach of young players in general.

Stephen Curry is a six-time NBA All-Star, a member of six All-NBA teams, he has been the league’s MVP twice and on top of all, a three-time NBA champion.

After missing most of last season, Curry has returned in style and looks like one of the best players in the league and an MVP candidate. While Father Time should slowly be approaching Curry by now, he seems unfazed by his increasing age, just like LeBron James, Kevin Durant or Chris Paul. More so, during an appearance on the Huddle and Flow podcast Curry shared his desire to prolong his NBA career, even past the age of 40.


“My pops was always the barometer for me. He played 16 years until he was 38. I got to see how his body changed over the years, especially those last six — all the work that went into getting ready for a season. I’m about to be 33 next month, feel really, really good — fresh, able to still do everything I want to do on the court… If I could get to like pushing 40 and still be impactful on the court, I feel like that’s a win. Straight up and down you can’t hide anywhere when you’re out there. Maybe a little bit of a different conversation, but to Tom’s point, just getting your body where you go out on your own terms is the goal. However long or however many years that is. Pushing 40 would be amazing.”

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