Stephen Curry Attempts Full-Court Shot, Misses & Hits Unsuspecting Ball Boy In The Face

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Stephen Curry status as best shooter in NBA history isn’t really something that needs to be discussed. 

But while Steph still surprises us here and there with insane shots, what would have been considered crazy has become the norm, because of him. Players like Steph or Dame pulling up from half court, people making crazy transition threes and off the dribble three-pointers from the logo is something we almost see daily now.

However even the greatest shooter of ’em all does miss from time-to-time. Before last night’s game between the Warriors and Bucks, Stephen Curry tried to make a full-court-shot from near the tunnel. But instead of draining it, Curry hit an unsuspecting ballboy straight in the face. OUCH!


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