Former Cavs Player Reveals What Started Rift Between Kyrie Irving And LeBron James

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Cavs Player Reveals What Started Rift Between Kyrie Irving And LeBron James


LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were teammates for three seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two stars shared an exciting dynamic and displayed some incredible two-man connections on the court which ultimately resulted in three Finals appearances and a hard-earned championship.

Despite their chemistry and success on the court, to the surprise of many, LeBron and Kyrie had lingering negative feelings for each other throughout their tenure with the Cavaliers. As also confirmed by LeBron, him and Kyrie just could never align.

Now, new details about their relationship issues were revealed by Brendan Haywood who formerly played for the Cavaliers in 2015. In an Instagram live with Ryan Hollins, Haywood elaborated what Kyrie disliked about LeBron which started the friction in their relationship.


“I think to certain degree, that’s what started a little riff between him and Kyrie. Because Kyrie started to see that special treatment that he never got — Randy Mims gets to fly on the team plane; this is ‘Bron’s best friend?… He gets to team meetings? We’re in the room watching film and Randy Mims is in there… like, what? But Kyrie NEVER got that treatment.”

“After time that starts to wear on people. That didn’t wear on the regular guys because they’re regular dudes. ‘Bron is taking them to a championship; so preferential treatment is not new in this league. Preferential treatment for a number #2 star? Now I ain’t never seen that! On the Last Dance I didn’t see Scottie Pippen say that he wasn’t coming to practice. Now I’ve always seen preferential treatment for Batman. I ain’t never seen it for Robin!”

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