Dear Dwyane Wade – A Letter To Dwyane Wade



Dear Dwyane Wade – A Letter To Dwyane Wade


Dear Dwyane Wade,

Wow, it really happened. It actually happened. I never thought I would wake up one day, and not see you in a Miami Heat uniform. I never thought I would see the day you didn’t call the American Airlines Arena your own personal house. I never thought I’d see day where you didn’t run around the court, hyping the crowd up, or doing pull-ups with your head through the net in your pre game routine. I never thought I’d hear the announcer not say a 6’4 guard out of Marquette University. I never thought any of this was possible, and I refused to believe it was ever possible. I haven’t come to terms with the thought of seeing you in a Heat uniform for the very last time. This is absolutely heart breaking.

When I was sitting on my couch today watching the news unfold, I was emotional. Even though I’m not a Miami fan, I was shocked and taken back by the events that took place. You couldn’t be on your way out? You couldn’t have agreed terms? Miami surely didn’t let you go? It was a rollercoaster of emotions, that turned into a very real nightmare, but also a very vivid realization.

I soon realized that the NBA has changed. Not just as a sport, but as a culture and as a society.

It’s as painful to some fans as it is invigorating to others, and depending on how lucky you are, the side is you’re given is out of your control. With the business side of the game now, one season you can be over the moon with the moves your franchise makes, or broken by them. By you leaving, it doesn’t just signal you departing the Heat, but a change in the NBA forever. You were the un-tradable, the immovable player, and now you’re gone. Leaving us only with memories in a Heat jersey.

Whilst first hearing the reports that it was a very real possibility you were leaving, I immediately wouldn’t accept it. I always just told myself “the Heat will work something out with him, surely they will, they always do, they couldn’t possibly part ways”. But it was the last straw, you had enough, and the time was right. Watching Brian Windhorst cover the situation, I still couldn’t believe that your reign in south beach was over. It didn’t feel right, I didn’t want it to be real. At first, I wouldn’t accept it. I was angry and confused, then saddened by the situation.

I still remember the night you were drafted. No one knew who you were, or if you’d truly be a star in the NBA. All they knew was your name wasn’t LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. They didn’t know the heart you had, the drive you possessed, or the blood, sweat and tears you’d pour into the franchise that were lucky enough to have your name on their roster. Miami were that franchise, and how lucky they were. I look forward to your jersey gracing the rafters, and a statue outside of the arena one day that I can visit, knowing I saw you in full flight inside that very arena. Very few have impacted and captivated a franchise the way you have. I still can’t believe this is happening but when I see you in a Bulls uniform next season it will all become very real.

I salute you Dwyane Wade. You may have left Miami, but you’ll be forever celebrated in the hearts of the beautiful city.

It’s the end of a chapter, but a new beginning, and the book is not over. God bless and good luck.

You leave Miami, but it will always be Wade County.

Thank you for everything.

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