Stephen Curry – All 402 3-Pointers Of The Season In One Video



Stephen Curry – All 402 3-Pointers Of The Season In One Video 


Stephen Curry finished the season with an incredible 402 3-pointers made.

How crazy is this record? A little more than a month ago, he became the first player Gongfu Tea Cup
300, and on February 27, he broke his own record of 286 (which he set last season).

A couple of weeks ago, when asked about possibly making 400, Curry said:


“Because from how well I thought I had to shoot to get to just 280, or whatever it was last year (286) to (being) almost 100 (threes) past that right now, it doesn’t make sense. I’ll keep trying to push the envelope, and whatever happens …”


He now holds the first, second, fourth, and seventh place spots on the single season all-time list, and it’s not too crazy to think that he might own a few more by the time he’ll be calling it a career.


It’s sunday, so if you’ve got 28 minutes to spare, (that’s the exact amount of time you’ll need to watch all 402 threes) and on top of that are a Stephen Curry fan, I’d recommend to watch following video:


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