Skip Bayless Says Dennis Schröder Is A Better Player Than Russell Westbrook

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Skip Bayless Says Dennis Schröder Is A Better Player Than Russell Westbrook


Early in the 2019-20 NBA regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers offered Dennis Schröder a 4-year, $84 million contract extension that was eventually declined by the point guard. Schröder was reportedly willing to stay, but was looking for a bigger pay raise at around $100-120 million.

Schröder had a good start for the Lakers and came in help when LeBron James and Anthony Davis were battling injuries in the regular season. However, an abysmal production in the playoffs quickly lowered his value and put him a tight situation in this year’s free agency.

So instead of a $84M payday with the Lakers that was on his table earlier, Dennis had to take a $5.9M offer sheet from the Celtics, was traded to the Rockets mid-season and now is a free agent.

There’s not too many teams looking to add a point guard for a lot of money, so Schröder could be forced to sign for the minimum, if he wants to remain in the NBA next season.

A player like Schröder for the minimum however, would basically attract every team in the NBA.

The German has recently suggested himself, that he and LeBron James should team up in Los Angeles once again, to run it back. 

Upon finding out about this, Skip Bayless was quick to join in on the conversation and said that Schröder is currently ‘better than Russell Westbrook’, while believing that he’s a better fit next to LeBron James.


“Right now, Dennis Schröder is better than Russell Westbrook. He would be more acceptable to LeBron, he would fit better next to LeBron and AD. He averaged 15 and 6 for the Lakers two years ago. He’s pretty nifty… Very good in the pick and roll. He would be much useful to LeBron and a better fit for LeBron than Russ would be… He’s not more delusional than Russell Westbrook about what his worth is.”


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