Stephen A. Smith Suggests De’Aaron Fox Is As Special As Prime Derrick Rose

Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports


It took a 38-point game eruption against the Golden State Warriors in the first-round of the NBA playoffs for NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith to realize just how special Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox truly is.

Fox was often overlooked due to playing on a losing team since coming into the NBA. But his talent has always been well-documented, and this season is just a plea to remember what the 25-year old star is capable of bringing to the table.  

Fox and the Kings are making the most of their opportunity after ending a 16-year playoff drought. When discussing the threat that they pose against the Warriors, Stephen A. Smith surprisingly compared Fox to former league MVP Derrick Rose.


“Guys, I’m very worried about the Golden State Warriors,” Smith said on “NBA Countdown” on Sunday morning. “I think I need to say that on national television. I think we need to pause for a second and understand what we saw last night.

“De’Aaron Fox is special. And I’m talking potentially Ja Morant kind of special, I’m talking about when Derrick Rose was at the height of his career. The athleticism, the speed, the quickness — he’s unguardable. They cannot guard him, OK?”

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