Paul George Opens Up About His Last Chat With Kawhi Leonard As A Clipper


In a recent episode of his podcast, Paul George shared an emotional and candid conversation he had with Kawhi Leonard before leaving the Los Angeles Clippers. This conversation marked the end of their five-year partnership, a period filled with high expectations but ultimately marred by injuries and unmet goals.

Paul George, who recently signed a four-year, $212 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, felt it was crucial to have a direct conversation with Leonard about his decision to leave.

“I owed Kawhi that conversation,” George said on his podcast. He explained that their negotiations with the Clippers had stalled, and he needed to make a decision that was best for his career and family.

Despite the potential for tension, George described the conversation as one filled with mutual respect and understanding. Leonard, who had already signed a three-year, $152 million extension with the Clippers, supported George’s decision. “He understood, he like, ‘Go get your bag. I can’t even be mad at you,'” George recounted. This support was significant for George, who considers Leonard one of his closest friends in the league.



George also reflected on the challenges and highlights of their time together with the Clippers. Both players faced significant injuries that hindered their ability to lead the team to a championship. Despite these setbacks, George spoke fondly of their partnership and the bond they formed both on and off the court.

As George embarks on a new chapter with the 76ers, he carries with him the lessons and experiences from his time with Leonard and the Clippers. The move to Philadelphia represents a fresh start and a new opportunity to contend for a championship alongside stars like Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

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