Shaqtin’ A Fool | March 9, 2017

Credit: NBA on TNT

Shaqtin’ A Fool | March 9, 2017


Newest episode of our favorite TV-show; ‘Shaqtin’ A Fool’, and it is a great one.

We’ve got Leandro Barbosa celebrating way too early, Derrick Favors forgetting how to score a basket, Seth Curry putting himself in a spin cycle, the Suns Mascot diving onto the floor (to be fair, he was removing a drumstick (mmhhh drumstick (Homer Simpson voice*)) and maybe saving a player from getting injured, and finally, we got Lance Stephenson face-planting on NBA hardwood.

Whoever invented this segment, if it was Shaq himself, or some intern over at TNT, thank you. We love watching it every week.


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