As Classy As Ever: Mark Cuban Hopes Magic & The New Lakers Fail Horrifically

Photo Credit: L.Cohen/Getty Images

As Classy As Ever: Mark Cuban Hopes Magic & The New Lakers Fail Horrifically


Western Semis 2011 – the Dallas Mavericks sweep the two time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. This was the beginning of the Lakers’ downfall. Ever since this series, the Lakers haven’t been the same. One failed superteam (Kobe, Howard, Gasol, Nash), leading into a never-ending(?) rebuild.

When the playoffs start this year, the Los Angeles Lakers will have won fewer than 30 games for the fourth consecutive season. Many fans hope for things to change with Magic Johnson, who was recently promoted to president of basketball operations, and Rob Pelinka, Kobe Bryant’s former agent, as general manager.

Dallas Mavericks GM Mark Cuban, who loves to hate the Lakers, doesn’t hope that things change. At least not for the better.Cuban told Orange County Register:


“I hope they fail miserably. I hope they fail horrifically. I hope Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka go down as the worst GM/President combination in the history of GM/President combinations. But I hope they live wonderful lives.”


Cuban has always been someone who is speaking his mind – always. That is why he is one of the most controversial figures in the association. Mark Cuban also did have some nice things to say about the Lakers. Mostly about Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. Cuban spoke highly of her.


“Jeanie’s just special, she’s smart, she’s driven, she’s even-handed, open-minded. I have nothing but great things to say about Jeanie.”


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