Police Arrest Ja Morant’s Friend Relating To Civil Case Against Morant



Last month, the NBA issued Ja Morant a 25-game suspension for once again wielding a firearm on social media. The NBA also stated that his return to action is connected to certain requirements.

In May, after his first ‘gun incident’, the Memphis Grizzlies star was seen holding a gun in another Instagram Live video, which led to the NBA launching the investigation, and to the Grizzlies suspending Morant from all team activities

Now, while it has gotten pretty quite around Morant, Tennessee law enforcement arrested his longtime close friend Davonte Pack, for misdemeanor assault for hitting a teenager at Morant’s house last summer.

At the beginning of March 2023 , we reported how Memphis police records show that Morant and Pack were accused of repeatedly punching a teenage boy in the head, while also threatening him with a gun last summer. The teenager reportedly threw a ball in Morant’s face during a pickup basketball game at Morant’s house, which led to the Grizzlies star allegedly punching him in the face repeatedly, leaving a large lump on the side of boy’s head.

In a May, a deposition taken as part of the lawsuit Pack admitted to striking the teenager, and added that he did not feel threatened at the time he struck Holloway in the head area knocking him to the ground. This now lead to the issued arrest warrant.



Pack is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning. In a statement to ESPN when the arrest warrant was issued July 10, the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, which consulted in the matter, stated that Pack had been charged with “Simple Assault in relation to the July 2022 altercation involving Mr. Pack, Memphis Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant, and a juvenile basketball player at Mr. Morant’s residence in Eads.”


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