Philadelphia 76ers Honor Allen Iverson With Statue Unveiling


On Friday, the Philadelphia 76ers unveiled a statue of their legendary guard Allen Iverson at the team’s practice facility in Camden, New Jersey. The event was attended by former teammates, coaches, and a throng of adoring fans who came to witness the immortalization of one of basketball’s most iconic figures.

The statue captures Iverson in mid-action, performing his signature crossover—a move that left many defenders grasping at air during his illustrious career. Placed prominently on the 76ers Legends Walk, the sculpture serves as a testament to Iverson’s impact not only on the franchise but on the sport itself.

Iverson, visibly moved by the honor, fought back tears as he addressed the crowd. “It don’t even feel real,” he said, reflecting on his journey from a rookie sensation to a cultural icon. The 76ers organization praised Iverson for his contributions on and off the court, with current players sharing their thoughts on his lasting legacy.



Joel Embiid, the 76ers’ star center, spoke of Iverson’s influence, “He changed the culture… He showed a lot of love, like he’s always done to everybody.” Tyrese Maxey, another key player for the Sixers, highlighted Iverson’s broader impact on the NBA, noting how he “gave guys the freedom to wear what they want and do those things.”

The ceremony was not just a celebration of Iverson’s past achievements but also a reminder of his enduring presence in the hearts of the Philadelphia community. As fans gathered around the statue, many shared stories of Iverson’s fearless play and his never-say-die attitude that resonated with the city’s spirit.

Allen Iverson’s statue is the 10th to be installed outside the Penn Medicine Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex, joining other 76ers legends who have left an indelible mark on the franchise. The sculpture’s unveiling coincides with the 10th anniversary of Iverson’s No. 3 being retired by the team, further cementing his status as a 76er for life.

As the ceremony concluded, the crowd erupted in chants of “A.I.! A.I.!”—a fitting tribute to a player who, through his passion and perseverance, became the very embodiment of Philadelphia basketball.

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