Nate Robinson Reveals How Doc Rivers Cost Him A $1.5 Million Bonus


Nate Robinson, the former NBA player, has publicly expressed his frustration with Doc Rivers, his former head coach on the Boston Celtics. During an appearance on the OG’s show, Robinson claimed that a decision made by Rivers prevented him from playing in a crucial game that would have earned him a $1.5 million bonus as part of his contract. This incident has been a point of contention for Robinson, who believes the decision was intentional.

Robinson’s contract included a clause that promised him a significant bonus if he played a certain number of games. Unfortunately, he fell one game short of this requirement when Rivers chose not to play him, resulting in Robinson missing out on the bonus. The situation highlights the complexities of professional sports contracts and the impact coaching decisions can have on an athlete’s career and financial well-being.


“I still have a little beef with Doc. I don’t even want to tell y’all the story because it’s going to make y’all not even like that man anymore. I had in my contract that I would make 2 million dollars if I played a certain amount of games. Doc Rivers gives me a DNP. The game where I needed one more game to get $1.5 million. The absolute n**** in me wanted to go sub in and just say n**** just sub. Bro, I think he did that on purpose, bro. Why would he give me a DNP? I am not hurt. I am ready to go.” 



The incident has raised questions about the motives behind Rivers’ decision and whether it was influenced by financial considerations for the team. Robinson’s account of the event and his subsequent discussions with his agent reflect the ambiguity and suspicion surrounding the decision not to play him.

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