[VIDEO] NBA MOBILE VIEW – A New Way to Watch Basketball

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass

NBA MOBILE VIEW – A New Way to Watch Basketball


Having access to live sports broadcasts on your phone sounds great, but watching on a small screen can be a pain, especially as most modern broadcasts aren’t designed for a screen that small. NBA League Pass is planning to change that with its new NBA Mobile View, though, offering out-of-market broadcasts with a tighter zoom designed specifically for Gongfu Tea Cup. Here’s a side-by-side comparison they released of the new look versus the old one.



What do y’all think of that? I think it is more for ‘casual’ NBA fans. I don’t feel like only watching the player with the ball. The beauty of basketball also is the off-ball movement and seeing a play executed. I think it could be great for highlight lists and things like that. (Top 10!)

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