Kenny Smith Heaps Massive Praise On Jalen Brunson: “Best Basketball Player In The Eastern Conference”


The New York Knicks have emerged as a compelling contender this season, stitching together a series of wins that have propelled them to the third seed in the Eastern Conference with a 48-32 record. At the heart of this success lies the heroic performance of Jalen Brunson.

Averaging 28.4 points, 3.6 rebounds and 6.7 assists per game while shooting 47.8% from the field, Brunson’s impact has been undeniable. He has stepped up big time, earning a spot on the All-Star team this season and even carrying the Knicks in the absence of Julius Randle.

Brunson’s stellar performance this season has garnered significant recognition from many fans and basketball pundits. But former NBA guard and current NBA analyst Kenny Smith recently elevated the praise even further, declaring Brunson the best player in the Eastern Conference this season.


“Brunson has been the best basketball player in the eastern conference by far.”


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