Paul Reed Stokes Playoff Fire With Comments On New York Knicks


As the NBA playoffs approach, the psychological warfare between teams often intensifies, and the Philadelphia 76ers’ Paul Reed may have just added fuel to the fire with his recent comments about the New York Knicks.

In a surprising turn of events, Reed openly expressed his preference for facing the Knicks over the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs. His remarks, which were made during an episode of Run It Back on FanDuel TV, have been perceived as dismissive of the Knicks’ capabilities and have provided the team with what many are calling “bulletin-board material.”

Reed’s statement, “We ain’t ducking no smoke, but yeah we wanted the Knicks matchup, that’s the easier team…” has not only set the stage for a highly anticipated playoff series but also raised questions about the wisdom of providing a tough, defensively-minded team like the Knicks with additional motivation.



The Knicks, known for their gritty defense and relentless play, are not a team that needs extra incentive to compete. Yet, Reed’s comments have inadvertently given them just that. As the 76ers secured their playoff spot with a narrow victory over the Miami Heat, Reed’s confidence in his team’s preference for the Knicks has become a talking point across the league.

The Knicks, led by Jalen Brunson and a group of talented two-way wings, have proven to be a formidable force throughout the season. Despite facing injuries, they have consistently demonstrated resilience and are poised to make a deep playoff run.

As the 76ers and Knicks prepare to face off, all eyes will be on how Reed’s words translate into on-court performance. Will the Knicks use this as a rallying cry to prove their doubters wrong? Or will the 76ers’ gamble pay off, validating Reed’s bold claim?

One thing is certain: the stage is set for an electrifying clash, and the basketball world will be watching to see if Reed’s bulletin-board material will backfire or inspire his own team to rise to the occasion.

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