Chris Bosh On Why He Stopped Pursuing An NBA Comeback

Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh On Why He Stopped Pursuing An NBA Comeback


After two championships with Miami, Chris Bosh was diagnosed with blot clots in his legs and lungs. This disease as well as blood thinning treatment can cause individuals to stop breathing, or cause significant damage to the heart. Something as small as elbow to a particular area could trigger this to happen, the margin for error is that close. This led to Bosh and the Miami Heat reach an agreement allowing the two parties to part ways and Chris Bosh eventually retiring, after trying to comeback for a couple of years.

During a guest appearance on NBA on TNT during Game 3, Bosh explained why he eventually stopped pursuing an NBA comeback.


“After a while, after a couple of years, I didn’t want to put myself out there and have that letdown again. I don’t want to be mad at the game. I don’t want to resent the game. Let me just walk away now cause I haven’t told any doctors. I got three boys and my twins were just born. And so as they were getting older, you know, you kinda see how much I realize how much I was gone. I remember the first days being home it was so loud in the house. I had to get used to it.”


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