Nike Still Owes Jordan Crawford Money For His Legendary Dunk On LeBron James


Jordan Crawford had been in and out of the NBA for the better part of the 2010s. While he’s always shown flashes of greatness in his offensive game, his productivity, defense and shot selection have always made him somewhat of a liability.

Crawford’s most memorable moment though, wasn’t when he was playing in the NBA, but came during a pickup game at the 2009 LeBron James Skills Academy in Ohio.



According to Crawford, Nike organizers said that they will pay every player to dunk on LeBron James $500.

Well guess what happened?! Crawford dunked on LeBron James.

By the way, he’s still waiting on that check from Nike. Per Uproxx:


He remembers Nike reps joking with the college players before the game about a $500 bounty for anyone who could manage to dunk on the camp’s namesake.

Crawford laughs as he delivers the punchline: “They never gave me my $500.”


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