Nene On Carmelo Anthony: ‘He Could’ve Been The Best In The League, But He’s Too Selfish’

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Nene On Carmelo Anthony: ‘He Could’ve Been The Best In The League, But He’s Too Selfish’


Carmelo Anthony and Nene were teammates for over 8 years, when both played for the Denver Nuggets.

Brazilian Reddit user albzim stumbled upon an interview with Nene on a Brazilian TV channel ‘Canal Chuà’ that also had Carmelo Anthony as a topic.


Q:”So there’s this guy, tell me a little bit about him, Carmelo Anthony, one of the best scorers i’ve ever seen.”

Nene: “Carmelo man… He’s a guy who could’ve been the best player in the league, the way he uses his body, the accuracy on his shots, the variation of dribbles and shots he has, and his low post fundamentals…”

Q: “And he’s insane in the post?”

Nene: “Yeah he is simply the best down there, but he is just too selfish, he can’t make his teammates better, if he did that he could’ve been the best in the league. Oh, and if he played defense… Because he knows how to guard people, i played with him for 8 years, so i know…”


This is something we get to hear a lot, in similar ways, when talking Melo. Once he ends his career, people are going to say: “Melo was great, but he could have been so much greater.”

Anthony remains one of the most skilled offensive players the league has ever seen, even Paul Pierce said that out of everybody he had to guard during his NBA career, Carmelo Anthony was by far the most difficult, yet, he still can’t find an NBA team for the new season.


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