Jeff Van Gundy Doesn’t Think The Warriors Will Be Challenged By The Cavaliers

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Jeff Van Gundy Doesn’t Think The Warriors Will Be Challenged By The Cavaliers


We’ve heard a lot of experts give their take on how they think this year’s NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers will go down, although I haven’t heard a statement as one-sided and clear as Jeff van Gundy’s.

Upfront, he is one of the people I respect the most in the NBA circus. I loved him as a coach, I love him as a commentator and expert.

A week ago, van Gundy called these playoffs a little boring, saying:

“The NBA playoffs usually are predictable. Greatness is always good for the NBA. But I wish it would be in a little bit of doubt, because it tells you about a team when they find themselves in a hole. It has been a little boring. You don’t see two teams simultaneously mowing their way through opponents.”

Most of the NBA fans felt the same way, and therefore are even more excited to finally have an exciting series once the Finals start. But, Jeff van Gundy does not think these Finals will be exciting. When asked for his take on these Finals, van Gundy said:

“I don’t think the Warriors will be challenged. I think they’ll be in the same situation as last year, up 3-1 coming home. In my time in the NBA, this is the biggest talent differential between the best team and the second best team. No disrespect to Cleveland, but I just think the Warriors are at a different level.”

Let’s hope is is wrong this time…

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