NBA Fans Believe The NBA Forced Referee Eric Lewis Out, Trying To Cover Something Up, Amidst His Sudden Retirement


Ever since Kevin Durant was called out for using burner accounts to argue with fans and haters online, they have become a ‘thing’ in the NBA. Sixers’ GM Bryan Colangelo lost his job because of burner accounts, and Knicks owner James Dolan faced some controversy after using burners as well.

Some bookmakers even added a list of players, with the biggest chances of being exposed for a burner account.

Back in May, NBA referee Eric Lewis became the latest to allegedly have his own burner account.



This then led to the NBA opening an official review into the Twitter activity. This investigation has now been closed, because Lewis announced his retirement from the NBA. 



Judging by the comments, many people find this retirement at least somewhat fishy, saying the NBA has forced him out, while trying to cover something up. Here is what reddit had to say:


“This is all a PR maneuver by the NBA. They don’t want to release their findings of corruption and blatant bias towards certain teams. They’re still recovering from the Tim Donaghy fixing scandal, and now that sports betting has become so integrated (and likely represents significant sponsors), having to admit yet again that Lewis was fixing games would be a huge black hole.

They voluntold him to quit and conveniently closed the books on the investigation. How convenient

the NBAPA needs to demand the case continue and a report be released. Hire a 3rd party team to look at the evidence.”

“Retirement” dude was forced out”

“Most likely bought out.”

“I need an independent investigation into what the league found yesterday”

“So basically they had an agreement that they wouldn’t release the report if he retired… disgusting from the NBA”

“Nothing has ever screamed “this mf guilty” more than this Lmao.”


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