24 And Counting – Where Do The Pistons Rank Among NBA’s Longest Losing Streaks?


43 points (16-of-24 FGs, 8-of-9 FTs), five rebounds, seven assists, three steals, one block and three 3-pointers – it was a spectacular night for Cunningham, who set his new career-high for scoring against the Atlanta Hawks. Unfortunately, he was one of the only bright spots for Detroit as they lost their 24th straight game.

Look away now, Pistons fans, but the NBA record for the most consecutive losses could be broken this year. In the past few weeks, Detroit and San Antonio had not won a game for over a month. Fortunately, the Spurs were able to secure an important victory against LeBron James and the Lakers last Friday, ending their record losing streak of 18 games.

On the other hand, the Pistons continue to plummet –  and now suffered 24 consecutive losses, as mentioned before.

They are on the verge of breaking the league record of 28 consecutive losses in the regular season, set by the 76ers in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. The 76ers also hold the record for the most consecutive losses in a season (26 in the 2013/14 season) and are tied with the Cavaliers (2010/11).

Despite accumulating talent in the lottery in multiple years as of late, they continue to be the worst team in the NBA, hoisting the worst record at 2-25. 

They Pistons will host Utah on Thursday after getting two days off. The Jazz will be playing that game on the second night of a back-to-back. The stars are aligning for the streak to end on Thursday, but then again, it’s the Pistons we’re speaking of.


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