Free Agent Kevin Durant Jokes That ‘Whoever Wins Title, That’s Who I’m Going To Sign With’

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Free Agent Kevin Durant Jokes That ‘Whoever Wins Title, That’s Who I’m Going To Sign With’


July 4, 2016. An Independence Day decision made by one of the NBA’s greatest players would send thousands of Oklahoma City Thunder fans–as well as NBA fans in general–into a tizzy, upsettingly remembering the news they heard that morning.

What was the horrible news? Kevin Durant has decided to part ways with the team to join forces with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green in Golden State with the Warriors. Durant’s move was harshly criticized by the fans, media and other players, because he left an already great team and his friend and fellow All-Star, Russell Westbrook in the dust for a team that ended his championship hopes in 2016. If a player feels the money aspect is the most important, they’d sign for the most dough possible. If you’re all about championships and being a winner, you’ll do everything in your power to hold the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June. In this case, Kevin Durant was all about winning, and not caring about his legacy.

Then, after winning the Championship in his first year, Kevin Durant sacrificed money ($9 million) in order to keep the team together.

For the next season, Durant has already made clear that he is going nowhere. He’ll return to the Warriors for the 2018-19 season.


“I’m not even thinking about that,” Durant said. “I’m here. I’m here. I ain’t even thought about it.”

To make it simpler: Is it 100 percent, in your mind, that you will be back with the Warriors next season?

“Yeah,” Durant said. “Yeah.”

-Via The Athletic


But since Durant has changed as a person, ever since he’s left OKC, and adapted the bad guy role (to perfection), he made a pretty perfect joke to fit his free-agent situation.


“Well, actually,” Durant said, his sarcastic grin obvious, ready to lean into an Internet joke about him. “I want to wait to see who wins the championship and whoever wins that, that’s who I’m going to sign with.”


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