When Jay Williams Said LeBron Would Dominate Jordan One-One One, Jalen Rose Completely Lost It

When Jay Williams Said LeBron Would Dominate Jordan One-One One, Jalen Rose Completely Lost It


In the never-ending ‘greatest of all time’ debate, Jay Williams is the latest former NBA player to put in his two cents. ESPN’s Get Up crew debated who would win in a game of one-on-one between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Williams’ answer made Jalen Rose completely lose it.


“You cannot tell me in a one-on-one game that LeBron James wouldn’t dominate Mike. In a one-on-one game, LeBron James, 6-9, 260 pounds — if the game was to seven, I think LeBron would win 7-3. You can talk about his mentality, but we’re not talking about five-on-five basketball, J-Rose. We’re not talking about the passive LeBron, making the right play … LeBron James is 6-9, 260, he moves like a guard! He moves like a guard. He defends like a guard.”



I’ve never been a big fan of this debate. Clyde Drexler always says that he isn’t a fan of comparing eras, and I absolutely agree with him on that. There will always be a ‘Team Jordan’ who is insulted to bring LeBron or anyone else into the GOAT debate, as well as a ‘Team LeBron’ who claims that LeBron is GOAT. Never have I seen anyone from either side change their opinion, and it probably won’t ever happen. So it may be time to stop comparing the two. Just like John Saudners once said:


“Why don’t we love LeBron, like we love Jordan. Isn’t it time we stop expecting him to be like Mike? We criticize LeBron not for what we know, but what we think we know. For instance, we think LeBron can’t win without picking his teammates. But we do know, they can’t win without him. We think we know LeBron’s biggest plan is to be a billionaire. But we know, he gives millions of dollars towards educating the underpriviledged. And we think he’s not as good as Jordan. Even as we do know he is one of the greatest of all time. So it’s time I know to stop expecting what we think he should be and appreciate LeBron for what we know he is. At least that’s what I’m going to do.”


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