NBA Twitter Went Crazy As Ben Simmons Made Another 3-Pointer

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

NBA Twitter Went Crazy As Ben Simmons Made Another 3-Pointer


Ever since Ben Simmons has stepped foot in the NBA, his glaring weakness has been evident on the court. While the Philadelphia 76ers All-Star shows unique playmaking skills and defensive talent, his lack of range remained  a big problem.

Aside from being a poor shooter, Simmons has also been hesitant to take long-range shots even when open, which only presents a bigger issue for him and the rest of the team. With opponents not guarding his shot, an added jumper would not only changed that, but it would also create more valuable space for Joel Embiid in the post, opening up new opportunities in transition.

While we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much, it seems as Ben Simmons has worked on his shot during the hiatus.

In the Sixers’ first scrimmage against the Memphis Grizzlies, Simmons not only drained a corner three, but also attempted another one before that (that he missed).

After seeing Simmons hitting a three, NBA Twitter went nuts, already declaring the Sixers as NBA Champions.


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